1957 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan
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Rotisserie Photos

Hood paint stripped and inside braces sand blasted. Small circled dents will be worked out by
using a bullseye pick and Mill metal Cit Body File. Most all of theses dings can be pinged out
and filed smooth so body filler is not needed on those areas. 5-28-2007

Same for the trunk as the hood above. Very nice trunk lid. 5-28-2007

Fender wells cleaned up very nicely. 5-28-2007

March 2006
Just starting to use paint remover to strip all the old paint off the body (note top). I purchased this car about
1978 in Big Spring Texas. I bought the wheels and tires new that same year. Neither the wheels or tires ever
seen the street. The 1940 Ford is covered by blue drop cloth in background.

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