1957 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan

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Frame is now being Out fitted with the SBC TPI seen below.
Transmission is a 700R4 Overdrive.

5-1-2008: Click here to see the process of making the bottom look as if it just came off
the assembly line in 1957. All '57 bottoms were this rustic brown primer when new.

February 04, 2007
1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Post Bel Air Project is pictured Long Blocked with 80 grit
sandpaper and now ready to start block sanding with wet 220 grit sandpaper.

Primed and long block with 80 grit, then primed again
and blocked with 220 wet sandpaper then two wet coats of
primer and it is ready for blocking with 400 grit and
painting. (Primer is still wet October 2007)

Final coat of primer dry and ready for blocking with 400
and then paint. The bottom looks as good as the top does.
October 2007

Door is ready to paint after long blocking with 80 and wet
blocked with 220 and primed.

Door jam and back of door ready to paint.
Novemeber 2007


February 04, 2007
Left half is blocked with 220 grit wet sandpaper. Then when 220 blocked, 2 good wet coats
of primer, block sanded with 400 grit then it is ready for base coat - clear coat paint. 1957
Chevrolet Red.

February 04, 2007


New!!! .....Engine photos update...
1986 Small Block Chevy Tune Port Injection

March Billet Pulley System with Compressor.

Installing a 1986 Chevrolet TPI in this 57 two door post.

Procucts used in Engine Dressup.

1. March Pulley System for Small Block TPI.
2. TPI Billet Dressup items by Custom Billet Works.
3. Valve Covers and Oil Pan by CFR Performance.
4. Also includes very mild Comp Cam
                    and a adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
5. Intake runners and Intake Power Coated light gray.
6. Engine Chevy Orange by Dupli-Color®.

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