1957 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan
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Rotisserie Photos

Top Bullseye Picked and Filed small hail dents removed. (July 2006)

September 2007

Example of Bullseye Pick from Eastwood Autobody Tools

Right is a flat Mill Metal Cut Body File

September 2006
After stripping the car it went to Dickie Jones shop in Big Spring. I picked and filed the body to
remove most of the small dents. Dickie cut out the few rust places and replaced the rust with new
metal (see inside the trunk) and he also aligned the body seams. After sand blastting the door jams,
inside, and the truck the car is back home in the photo where I started doing the body work.. I do not
have the latest photos yet, but all of this has been worked and primed and long blocked. Wet and dry
220 grit block sanding is next, then a final 400 grit blocking before painting red with
base coat - clear coat.

Smooth out the flaws of the areas that are restricted by
the hood braces on the bottom with plastic since these
areas can not be picked and filed. (Oct, 2007)

Some Misc. brackets and trunk hinges.07-02-2007

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