1940 Willys Coupe
Super Gas / Pro Gas

At Wall Drag Strip (San Angelo TX 2,000 ft Elevation). With the fiberglass front end.
Best ET was at this track on Nitrus Oxide - 9:81 ET.

With the Steel Front End.
Purchased in 1977 or 78 from a classmate from high school. The car was
an old "A/G" gasser from Odessa Texas owned by Parker Bros. (Phil Parker) called "Gran-Ma".

You will notice that the windshield wipers were down low. Someone tried to convert
the wipers to dual wipers before I purchased the car. Since I was just drag racing
the Willys that didn't matter to me. Mike Tucker who now owns the car converted
the wiper back to the original location on top of the windshield.

The engine may look simple but it run strong. The cars fastest et was 9:81 seconds
on Nitros Oxide with a 427 +.030 Big Block Chevy at 2,000 ft elevation at
San Angelo Texas, Wall drag strip. About 1979/80 The car was one of 16 to qualify at
San Antonio AHRA Nationals. The car broke on the first run. It qualified at
9.971 seconds. All 16 cars were within 8 hundreds of a second of each other. The powerglide
broke on the first round putting me and the car on the trailer. This was one great ride and it had
quite a following. The last engine I run was a 481 Big Block Chevy with ALUMIMIN RODS and
rectangular port heads, flat top pistons, and 1050 Holley Domenator. Very strong and long life just
winding the engine to 6,000 rpm. It ran much stronger than the old 427 but I never activated
the 250 hp Nitros system. My guess is it would have run about a 9.50 to 9.60 if I had.

We purchased the 79 Suburban new in 1980 to be a tow rig and family vehicle. It had a 454 engine
and I added the dark maroon insert over the original white paint in the middle of the sides.
This Suburban had one very strong 454 Engine in it.

Today the Willys is owned by Mike Tucker in Oklahoma City

After much effort Mike returned the Willys to a
original appearing 40 Willys body with a full interior.

Now a Pro Street Car with a 502, Turbo 400 Trans and 3:73 gear.

The yellow in the red is light shining threw the trees.

502 with AC

Important Notice below
Below is a movie made by Hot Rod Mag. and NHRA.

You will Notice that "Gran-Ma" was being haulded very high up on a car hauler.
After this movie was made the driver of the hauler run under a low bridge / overpass
and crushed the top of the Willys. Phil Parker took it out to California and "Drag
Masters" re-bodied the car so that is why it has a 40 body in the movie and a 41 body above.
(Source: A telephone conversation between Ray Anderson and Phil Parker on Jan. 30th 2011)

After visiting with Phil Parker I have removed the stories and rumor comments I had been told threw the years.
As I questioned Phil about what I had heard in the past it became apparent that much was incorrect.
Phil did state that Gran-ma did set a World Record at Oklahoma City at one time.
We will try and add this kind of information at a future date once Phil and I meet.

But here is what "Gran Ma'
  later  known  as    "Antique Jugs II"
looked like in 1958 and 1959.
She was known as "Gran-Ma" back then,
owned by Phil Parker of the Parker Brothers of Odessa, Texas. She was still painted
red with white scallops and still labeled "
when I bought her in 1977/78.
In this video she is shown competing at Oklahoma City Division Meet and
the 1959 NHRA NATIONALS in
Detroit, Michigan .

"Ingenuity in Action Part 1 (1958) Hot Rod Race"

...Watch Below...

Part I Oklahoma City

Part II Detroit, Mich

Part III Detroit, Mich

If you have enough Band Width download watch high quality here:

Full High Quality Version Video

Reference: Phil Parker of Odessa Texas

After Phil Parker retired "Gran Ma", shown above, he started racing a Dragster, also built
by Dragmasters, until about 1964. The dragister is now housed in the NHRA Musuem.
Below is the reference to Phil and his World Record Holder dragister known as "Old Bear".

Information is from Draglist.com


Phil Parker from Odessa, Texas USA

1964 - Category: GASDRAG, Type: MN, Class: AA/D, Div: 4

"Old Bear" Owned by Phil Parker from Odessa, Texas USA

Crew Chief: Phil Parker

'64 Dragster by Jim Nelson | Powered by a 327 cubic inch Chevrolet with direct drive

1/4 Mile ET: 8.950 at Unknown | 1/4 Mile MPH: 161.00 at Unknown


1/8 Mile ET: Unknown at Unknown | 1/8 Mile MPH: Unknown at Unknown


1000 FT. ET: Unknown at Unknown | 1000 FT. MPH: Unknown at Unknown


For GASDRAG in 1964 the Avg ET is 8.6998, Avg MPH is 172.365. This entry: ET is 1.02875810 times Avg; MPH is 0.93406434 times Avg


Entry's 1964 GASDRAG Performance (0 to 100): ET Rating is 34.56, MPH Rating is 28.39


No Racer Website


Notes: Resides in NHRA Museum, world record holder.


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