My First Hot Rod
at the Age of 15 or 16

1946 Ford Deluxe Coupe with a 1954 Chrysler Hemi (331 Cu. In.)

Where It All Started
At the age of 15 or 16 I bought a 1946 Ford Coupe and took
this Hemi out of a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker that
my parents had driven until the transmission quit.

My first Hot Rods engine, pictured in April 1967 in a 1940 Ford Pickup after I sold it.
I do not have any photos of my first hot rod, a 1946 Ford Coupe that I had this Hemi in.
Classmate Larkin Martin taught allot of us the basics to acetylene welding, so I
ordered a header flange kit and U tubing from "Honest Charlie" and I built the headers using
old clothes hanger wire for welding rod and using old oil filter canisters off two flatheads for
the header collectors and caps.

My First Hot Rod at the age of 15. We could get a drivers license at age 14 after we took a drivers education class and passed it at school in those days. Pictured is a 1954 Chrysler Hemi 331 Cu In. with home made headers and a two 4-barrel carburetor Intake. I only had the money to buy one carburetor at the time. I was then drafted into the US Army in 1966. I had my 46 Ford Coupe full fenders and hood assemblied running earlier with just the factory single Carter 4-barrel carburetor. As cousin Gary Mosier can testify, you could barely hold the old car between the bar ditches because it drove so poorly.

The Hemi was in a 1946 Ford Coupe. I sold the car while in the service and when I got home the guy, that bought it, had cut the perfect 46 sheet metal coupe up and sold it for scrap. He had put the Hemi in a 1940 Ford Pickup and never did get it running again. Raymond Hogg of Big Spring Texas purchased the old Hemi about 1970 and used it on a Irrigation Pump.

I remeber the day the valve covers came back from the chrome shop. I was so excited I didn't know how to act. I think both valve covers with the spark plug covers cost about $18.00 to chrome back then.

I had a set of Hemi Valve Covers chromed without wire covers this year, 2009, they cost over $200.00.